Board of Directors

Andrea Armijos, CEO & Founder

Founder and chief visionary, Andrea loves taking on challenges. With her experience of several years in different organizations, Andrea has taken the foundation to where it is today.

Abouth the fouder

I was born in the city of Loja, Ecuador, on February 27, 1987. Now, I live in Atlanta, Georgia, with my parents, Fabian Armijos Alvarado and Viviana Martinez.  I have my own business with properties on Airbnb.

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Jorge Rincon, COO

Jorge, Co-founder and visionary, is the driving force behind the foundation. He loves to stay busy participating in software, marketing and customer experience strategy development.

Eddie Gaitan, CO

Eddie is the heart of our community, his dedication and inspiration are contagious. He connects deeply, creating a strong support network. His creativity and empathy guarantee the success of each initiative, leaving a lasting mark. Eddie embodies the spirit of service and solidarity, being a beacon of hope for all.

John Duran, PR

John is an expert in public relations, standing out for his clear and persuasive communication. His strategic approach and natural charm strengthen the image of our organization, making him an invaluable asset to the team.

Carol Rivera, CMO

Carol is the driving force behind our marketing success. Her brilliant creativity and strategic approach are unmatched. With an expert eye for trends, she leads with innovation, ensuring our brand shines brightly in a competitive market. Her passion and dedication are second to none, making Carol an invaluable pillar on our team.

Gustavo Russi, CM

Gustavo is a media genius, his vision and skill are exceptional. With a creative and strategic mind, he takes our media presence to new heights. His ability to create impact and captivate audiences is unparalleled. Gustavo is an invaluable asset, masterfully driving our reach and relevance.

Board Directors

The members of the Bright Boy Foundation Board of Directors are exemplary visionaries. His strategic leadership and commitment to the foundation's mission inspires everyone. With diverse experience and unwavering dedication, they lead with wisdom and generosity, ensuring a lasting impact on the community. Their bold vision and hard work are instrumental in realizing the positive change the foundation seeks to achieve.